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[THEME] 2 Corinthians 5:15

And he died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again. 

Saturday, 15 October 2022 19:39

Bible study report for the Spiritual year 2022 Featured

Written by Amos Mutugi - Interim BS Director
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My utmost gratitude goes to our ALMIGHTY GOD whom I am indebted for His grace, love and mercy throughout this period I served as an interim BS Director. I praise Him for working on me and transforming me in different aspects of my life both in my spiritual growth and leadership skills.

I acknowledge the help offered by my fellow executive members whom I was privileged to serve with lead by Bishop Gabriel Agufa and Dalmas Musyoka. Thank you for every support you gave to me.

Gratitude to our focus stem staff Jackline for the words of wisdom you ever gave. To our CMF Kataka Everton, thank you for advice and great efforts to ensure BS in MUCU is a success.

I acknowledge the team that I was working with, regional coordinators, coordinators and all BS pastors. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

Sincere gratitude to the substantive Director Sam Mbure, predecessor Albert Sitati for every piece of advice and words of encouragement.

Lastly to all friends am grateful for every support you gave me, God bless you. To all MUCU MC members thank you for registering BS and attending faithfully.


Am grateful to God for the opportunity to I had of serving Him as an interim BS Director in this season. It was a season of growth, spiritually and leadership skills. We thank God because He has proven His faithfulness and His promises of helping in times of need.


  • To lead the church in the Bible study in semester.
  • To attain at least 80% BS attendance.
  • To expose the coordinators to consistence bible reading and fruitful prayer life.
  • To register the whole church for BS.
  • To come up with BS guide materials to be used by the church members.
  • To group all those who have registered for BS sessions.

Throughout this period, I worked with the following regional coordinators;

  1. Faith Imani – Secretary
  2. Syproce Ouma – Vice Secretary
  3. Jimmy Shiundu – Treasurer
  4. Albert Sitati
  5. John Courtney
  6. Joe Wanyumba
  7. Philip Wekesa
  8. Annie Amoni
  9. Kelvin Korir

The regions (zones) were as follows;

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Jericho
  3. Bethany
  4. Bethsaida
  5. Samaria
  6. Judea
  7. Macedonia
  8. Antioch and
  9. Galilee  


  1. i.During the period we were able to handle 3 guides, 2 under the substantive Director and 1 under me.

These are as follows:

ü  Better Together,

ü  Faithfulness Amidst Falsehood and

ü  The Joy of the Christian Discipline.

  1. By the grace of God, we were able to have successful registration and grouping of members into small groups of 7-10 members.
  2. Bs meetings were held every Tuesday successfully
  3. Successful BS training, exposition and BS review through the help of our stem staff.
  4. We managed to do BS launching we created awareness to members of the church.
  5. By Gods grace the number of members who have registered BS previously has increased.
  6. Some church members received Christ in BS groups.
  7. We had high number of church members purchasing the guide materials.
  8. We were able to come up with financial stewardship form which has helped the coordinators in holding accountable the monies received after selling the guides.
  9. Submission of guides money to the FOCUS has improved from the previous cases.
  10. Double registration cases have reduced.
  11. Use of posters in BS mobilization.


  1. Unwillingness of some continue students to serve as BS pastors.
  2. Most of first had worries of attending BS in individuals’ rooms.
  3. Giving of incorrect details during registration hence resulting to failure in communication between pastors and members.
  4. Lack of pastors in Jerusalem region since most of the residents there are first years.
  5. Members who had registered rejecting BS, others denied registration. This has caused imbalance in the groups and demoralised Pastors.
  6. Some pastors turning down in the middle of BS period.
  7. Mishandling of the BS committee finances such as guides money.
  8. Low number of the pastors and coordinators who attend Tuesday prayers.


ü  Recommendation to the grace of God since it is the one which can sustain ensure that the correct thing is done in His body.

ü  I request all the church members to embrace BS, from the leadership down to the members.

ü  Sensitivity in selection of BS coordinators and pastors. This is important in ensuring that there are no complications arising from lack of commitment.

ü  All members to provide correct details during registration for easier groupings.

ü  Early ordering of BS materials

ü  Proper awareness of BS program prior to registration.


To my successor Jimmy Shiundu, nothing is impossible with GOD. Trust Him and He will carry you all through. May God grant you grace to lead the church towards the maturity in word.

To God be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Compiled by AMOS M. MURIITHI

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