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Saturday, 15 October 2022 20:05

Report for the worship docket, spiritual year 2022-2023 Featured

Written by Joseph Wendo
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The Moi University Christian Union MUCU MC Worship executive committee dedicates this writing to the almighty God who has enabled us serve him in his vineyard for the 2022/2023 spiritual year.

Despite the shortcomings and the strengths we faced,Thus far the lord has been faithful. Glory be to his name.




13th March 2022 Remains a very fresh memory to me,,When Allan James my predicessor handed the mantle to me in a very solemn Annual General Meeting.I felt so insufficient and unfit for The task but he kept on whispering Joshua 1.9 to my ears that I be strong and of good courage.The rest has been a story to tell up to today when I'm standing here,a man helped by the lord.

I'd like to pass my heartfelt gratitude to the almighty for the sufficience of grace he's given to me for the season.

Special thanks to MUCU MC executive committee led by Agufa Gabriel interimed by Dalmas Musyoka,,and the entire committee at large,,I'm really grateful for your tireless support to make sure that I perform my duties effectively without fail,,may God bless you

To the MUCU MC Worship family led by the worship executive committee I'm so grateful for your love, honor and support for the season.Youve been a shoulder to lean on and even have gone way a great sacrifice to help see the family grow,, blessings galore.Continue seeking God while he can be found.

To my immediate predicessor Allan James you're one of a kind,,don't even mention Joshua Mumo,,the passion you had to see me excel, Not forgetting about Edwin Ndegwa,your efforts just to see your younger brother excel in service ,God bless you Generals

Special thanks to Seth Kitui,Bishop Sam Muli ,Evelyn Juma the worship secretary,and so many other friends that God has brought my way as helpers just to see me succeed,God bless you.

I've got a family far from home in UET,This is the place I was nurtured in my early ministry life,, can't overlook the sacrifice you made to have me a better person.God bless You

To my family back at home I owe you a great return,, you've been a cave to run to when the Jungle game turned unfavourable,,the great sacrifice financially and even for your prayers I'm really grateful,, Blessings galore.

To the apple My Eye,The bride of Christ MUCU MC,,I owe you a lot.seek him while he may be found.Keep your garments pure for Christ is coming for you the Church.

I've peace in my heart for I know I've seen nothing yet, that this is not the end of the game but was just a preparation for great endeavors ahead,, Father your Son Is Grateful.


1. Introduction

2. Chairperson's Report

3.Secretary's Report

4. Vice secretary's report

5. Treasurer's Report

6.Ushering ministry report

7. Technical ministry report

8. Instrumentalists ministry report

9. Catering ministry report

10. Praise & worship ministry report

11. Choir ministry report

12. Pictorial



"Have I not commanded you,be strong and of good courage,be not afraid, neither be dismayed; For I the lord your God is with you wherever you go", said Papa Allan as he handed over the task to me.

These words of strength have kept me on my toes in tough and easy times and I've kept them in my heart for the whole tenure .

Serving in the vineyard with ;

1. Evelyn Juma     secretary

2.Purity Wambua.   V. Secretary

3. Ibrahim Solonka. Treasurer

4.Austine Ouma       choir Dad

5.Susan Wasu.           Choir Mum

6.Samson Sunte.       P&w Dad

7.Deborah Khaemba. P&w mum

8.Sammy Mwendwa.   Technical dad

9.Jane Wambui.           Technical mum

10. Brian Lwangu.         Instrumental dad

11. George Wambugu. Catering dad

12.Fiona Sasa.               Catering mum

13. Johnstone Wafula. Ushering Dad

14.Cynthia Mereso.       Ushering mum

As the Worship Chair, I've been serving the following responsibilities as outlined by the MUCU MC constitution in article 10, sub article A.

1. Have been chairing the worship committee meetings

2.Have been representing the worship family in executive meetings

3.Organizing and facilitating the preparation of worship events e.g Worship nights

4.Controlling the church service programs

5. Booking venues for holding all the MUCU programs including those for E-teams

Indeed the lord has been so faithful and by his grace we have been able to;

1.Have been able to implement and follow the worship family programs to the members which has been a great success.

2.Have been able to conduct worship executive committee meetings through out the term which has seen through a smooth running of activities.

3.succesifully enrolled new members into the family expanding the family greatly

4.Through the leading of the spirit have been able to reach out to Some of the members for their spiritual and welfare needs.

5.Has ensured smooth running of MUCU programs like Friday and Sunday services,revivals and Worship events

6.Have held repairs on instruments for good sound during services and as well purchased new ones e.g microphones,hi hats among others

7.Held ministry fellowships on Thursdays and joint fellowships on every first Thursdays of every month.

8.Through The catering ministry has ensured Speakers' welfare during services

9.Stronger links with other churches e.g Grace Chapel through partnerships

10.Ensured heart lifting Worship moments during services.


1.Heavy work load sometimes bringing a lot of pressure,most times been a challenge to balance between ministry and academics.

2.Poor link with the administration making it a challenge to run some tasks e.g Booking of venues,,poor or no response at all.

3.Lack of sufficient resources eg funds to boost our address system or even acquiring new sets.

This has also limited trainings for the worshippers, instrumentalists and technicians

4.Time challenge,,most times services taking too long against the expectations of the members.


To my successor Moses Mwendwa and the entire team,by the grace and mercies of God I would like to recommend the following by the help of God to;

1.Seek the kingdom of God first and all other things shall be added to you.

2.Embrace servanthood other than masterhood in your term for God has called us to be servants to guard his flock.

3.Seek advice and support where necessary and carefully

4.Hold unto the disciplines,Prayer and the Word to keep the family growing.

5.Seek to have more partnerships with other institutions like the administration and other churches.

6.God First,, Allow him take the stage.




I'm Grateful to the lord for having graced me to serve him in his vineyard as the worship secretary in the spiritual year 2022/2023.

I adore Him for his sufficient grace and mercies that even when I felt too low and to the point despair he came in for my strength.

I stand here not that I'm strong but because the almighty has enabled me.

I served the following roles.

1.Helped the worship chairperson execute his duties and stood in for him in case of his absence

2.In consultation with the chairperson, issue all notices convening all meeting of the Worship Committee.

3. Charing the worship committee meeting in the absence of the chairperson and be a personal assistant to the chair person.

updates to the worship family ministries

5.Took and kept record of minutes during meetings.


1.Co worked with the worship chairperson to ensure smooth running of worship family.

2.Catered for welfare needs of the members

3 Called for love and ensuring members from all ministries embraced unity.

4.Organized events with the committee e.g retreats to boost the bondage between the ministries.

5.Stood In for the ministry leaders in their abscence.


1.Failure of some committee members to execute their duties as outlined in time.

2.Poor and late attendance to meetings by committee members.

3.Sometimes lack of solutions to matters affecting the family during discussions.


To my successor Fiona,

I have seen the lord do it for me and I believe he that has called you to serve him for this season is able to help you execute the task.

By his grace I'd like to recommend the following to you;

1.Be a servant leader

2.Pay honor where it's due, work closely with the worship chairperson

3.Check to know the needs of the members both welfare and spiritual from all ministries and tend to them with love and wisdom

4.Visit all ministries during fellowships encouraging them to embrace the disciplines of prayer and the Word.

5.Be so close to the sisters and Know their welfare wellbeing

6.The kneels that kneel more stands more, at all times remember to pray for the worship family and the respective ministry leaders that the Lord strengthens them and for their unity .

The Bible in John.15.4 says Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful apart from me. (NLT),No one succeeds and becomes productive by their own strengths,and therefore as Josh.1.8 says,Study this Book of the Law continually. Meditate on it day and night so you may be sure to obey all that is written in it. Only then will you succeed. (NLT)

Finally hold the family so close to your heart,the lord shall instruct and lead you


My heart is at peace,The lord has helped me finish the race strong,, Glory to his name

To the worship committee,I'm really grateful for your love and support during the term,, you were so dear to me

To the worship family at large I'm so grateful ,you've been the best.

You've proved your patience to our shortcomings and celebrated our strengths .That won't go unrewarded,,may The lord bless you.

Special Gratitude to God who has forever been my hope and strength

To him be Glory now and forever more.


Written and compiled by

Evelyn Juma

Worship Secretary

Vice secretary's Report


First and foremost I want to thank the almighty God for his strength and grace that have been sufficient through out the season.

Secondly I want to thank my committee members for the support they have been giving me through helping me in preparing the refreshments and cleaning the utensils and finally I want to thank the executive vice secretary Barbra Musumba for the support and the cooperation we had.


1.Take minutes in the absence of the secretary during worship committee meetings .

2.Coordinate with the executive vice secretary in preparation of Speakers' refreshments during services.

3.Prepare refreshments for worship committee during meetings.


I was able to prepare Speakers' refreshments during services and prepare refreshments for worship family committee during meetings.

Was promoted to be the interim Vice secretary of the executive.


I encountered some few challenges such as late communication between the treasurer and the executive vice secretary on the allocation of money for purchase of ingredients for preparing the Speakers' fefreshments which led to late preparation and hence missing the worship family prayers that normally occur before the beginning of the services.

Compiled by,

Purity Wanza

Vice secretary



First, I thank God for this opportunity to have served as the treasurer of the worship committee. I confidently admit that He has been faithful and gracious to me all this time.

Secondly, I want to appreciate the main treasury chaired by Gabriel Ngure and Robert Ngugi,who served as the interim treasurer for providing good and effective leasership to me and also ensuring that we always received even to the tiniest of what we requested.

Finally, I want to appreciate the entire worship committee chaired by Joseph Wendo for the exemplary team work and also ensuring my work was always easy and successful.


1.I ensured that all committee meetings were sorted with tea and bread unless otherwise stated by the members.

2.Faithfully received all amounts from worship family members whenever we had events such as worship nights, retreats or any form of arrangements within the worship family.

3.Delegated every single cent to where it was planned for from an agreement from the treasury committee.

4.Presented all budgets to the treasury committee for review before doing any purchases as discussed by the worship committee.

5.Faithfully attended to most of the achievable financial necessities within the worship family.


1.Though very rare delays of receipts and budgets from some ministry leaders.

2.Seasonal shortage of funds occurred along the way.


1.Timely budgets

2.Avoiding too much of piling of unaccounted expenditures and incomes.

3.Keeping of clean records to avoid mismanagement of accounts


Ibrahim Solonka

Worship Treasurer 2021/2022



Foremost we thank Almighty God for such great mercies he has given to us to serve in the ushering ministry in the term of service.We enter his gates with Thanksgiving for his faithfulness.Actually it was not by power or our own might ,It was by his spirit. We can't thank our almighty father enough for his grace in abundance. We would also like to acknowledge the worship committee led by Joseph Wendo and Evelyn Juma sincere gratitude to you for your spiritual support and always being there for us at all times.You have brought us together as a family . May the almighty God bless you abundantly and increase his wisdom and knowledge.I would also like to appreciate the ushering family for being of great support to the service of the lord.May you receive his edification, may he Meet your needs. May you be Zealous for him forever.

Ushering ministry Members.

1.Masakha Johnstone

2.Cynthia Mereso

3.Beldine Achieng

4.Victor Rieko

6.Charity Lumumba

7.Babra Mukola

8.Edwin Oloo

9.Davis Kaita

10.Sarah Akinyi

11.Ekra Robert

12.Robert Njenga


14. Samuel Ochieng

15.Jacinta Biketi

16.Gerald Waucheve

17.Charles Kyalo

18.Evans Agutu

19.Shilton Kisaga

20 .Dias Wabwoba

21.Brian Ochieng

22.Calvince Ochieng

23.James Kisilu

24.Loise Lulu

25.Wangila Dorothy

26.Mercy Wanza

27.Selina Takuna


29.Valary Adisa

30.Lisa Wambua


32.Joseph Wendo


  • We have been able to bring the family together through activities such as retreats.
  • We have been able to come together as a family to support our brothers and sisters in need to ensure that their wellbeing are met
  • We have been able to bring more members into the family.
  • We have been able to build one another through fellowshipping together and sharing, which has brought unity.
  • Poor time management when it comes to cleanup
  • Low turn up during cleaning, making the few people strain
  • Some of the members falling sick
  • Difficulty in bringing seats on time,on Sunday service due to intercessory going on in the alter
  • There also was a challenge in services held at the student center,due to arrangements for the service,the work was too much and the people were few


May the lord bless MUCU MC abundantly.All the glory be back to God for enabling us serve him in this season.We thank him for the sufficient grace.

Report compiled by

Johnstone Masakha & Cynthia Mereso

Ushering leaders.


Vision:Growth of members in Technical skills

Mission:To grow in better understanding of God's knowledge and word

Goal :To provide high quality sound for the betterment of the service

Motto: Quality sound Quality Worship is the heart of a Technician to the service of God.


Technician ministry is under the worship family in Moi university christian union main campus.

This is a report for spiritual year 2022/2023 .The ministry has the following members by the grace of God.

1. Sammy Musyoka (Technician Dad)

2.Jane Irungu (Technician Mum)

3.Margret Njeri

4.Margret Nyambura

5.Joseph Kimeu

6. Tom Pius

7.Dickson Mwangi

8.Amos Waweru


10.Teddy Otieno




14.Ray Omondi

15.Joseph Mwangi

16 Allan.

17.Joseph Wendo


The ministry performs the following roles to ensure the success of the service;

  • Connect the instruments before the beginning of the service
  • Provide quality sound for the church during the service
  • Ensure the instruments are in a good working condition
  • Ensuring safety of the instruments
  • Ensure proper maintenance of the instruments
  • Give an account in case of a lost equipment/instruments


By the grace of God, as a ministry we have been able to achieve the following op to date

  • Ensuring Early set up before the begging of the service
  • Enhancing quality sound in accordance to instruments state
  • Ensuring the safety of the available instruments
  • Maintaining team work amongst members
  • Growth of members spiritually and in technical matters
  • Commitments from the members
  • More members joined the ministry to ensure the continuity in Technical ministry
  • Technician ministry welfare considered


As Technician ministry in this spiritual year (2022/2023), up to date we have encountered different challenges as listed below:

  • Lack of modern and better instruments for quality sound e.g speakers
  • Lack of proper record keeping in case of assisted instruments,cables Mikes chargers and other relevant things which is giving us diffult time to trace and also is high chance for the loss of things stated above
  • Poor preventive maintenance. Dust is the greatest enemy to the instruments e.g mixer, power amplifiers, keyboards etc.it leads to greater depreciation on them ,there is no blower to prevent this.
  • Late communication about the. Changes of program and sometimes late turn ups of keys which leads to complications in service set ups
  • Lack of enough dust coats which is discouraging some members of proper turn ups on set ups avoiding making their Sunday best dirty.
  • Electricity malfunctions which leads to destruction of instruments e.g regulator . This makes instruments to work under risk due to lack of regulator.preventive maintenance is the key factor for the long lasting of instruments.


It's too hard to write with a pen which is not printing it's ink continuously. The same applies to working with tools)instruments/equipment in poor condition. The following are some recommendations to solve the above challenges:

  • Upgrade if instruments to ensure quality sound
  • Provision of preventive measures on instruments eg regulator and blower
  • Proper record keeping on the assisted instruments and also proper inventory
  • Provision of dustcoats to enhance effective preparation for the service,set up and set down.
  • Effective communication in case of programme changes and also early turn ups to the individuals entrusted with keys.
  • Come up with strategies to ensure quality sound for now if the upgrade of instruments is not as soon as possible. Eg provision of Speakers' and wireless mics.


I thank God for this far He has taken us ,it's not by our own efforts and as we serve God let's keep in mind that it's not in vain. Sound is used to facilitate services to large group of people. My prayer is that God to provide away of upgrading church instruments. Thank you.

Report prepared and compiled by::

Sammy Musyoka.           ,........................... ....(sign).   ............................ Date

Jane .       ...,..................................sign.   ..........................date



1.Brian Lwangu

2.John Oduya

3.Samuel Hakika


5.Francis Makonyo

6. Michael Onyimbo

7.John Hope


9. Robert Etoo

10.Joseph Wendo.


Glory to God for helping me all through,it has not been by my strength but by his grace and favor to serve as an instrumentalists dad in the season.I thank all the instrumentalists for their cooperation and commitment that made the semester a success.

I also want the worship committee for encouraging us and working with us harmoniously under the leadership of Joseph Wendo.


Blessed be the name or the lord,by his grace we were able to be used in the season or rather in the past spiritual year. Instrumentalists serve in MUCU with their God given skills by playing drums, keyboard,bass guitar and solo guitar, which they normally do it during MUCU services, praise and worship practices and any other function they are required.


By God's grace as instrumentalists docket we have achieved the following

  • We conducted our practices successfully and on time and no service has missed our ministrations.
  • There was enrollment of few members in the ministry , trusting God for more to Join the ministry.


  • Low turn up of members during prayers time.
  • Lateness of members during service time and practices.
  • Low sound quality
  • Misunderstanding between instrumentalists and technicians.
  • Lack of adequate members in the ministry, making it difficult in assigning of roles and responsibilities in the ministry.


I thank God for this far as I look forward for more growth in the ministry both skillswise and spiritually.

Report prepared and compiled by;

Brian Malongo

Instrumentalists Dad







George Wambugu

Fiona Sada

Patience Mmboga

Stephen Maweo


Winfred Nyilu



Ann Mutola


Consolata Awinja

Amina Florida

Arnold Erude

Samson Avudi

Gachara Kanyi

Mercy Akinyi

Joyce Atieno


Martha Boke

Naiga Rose

Joseph Wendo


We glorify God for where we are at this time and the grace to serve. As a family we have seen his faithfulness and our hearts are full of gratitude.It is our prayer that we will finish strong.


Cater for speakers and guest ministers for meals whenever called upon.

Serve meals and refreshments for MUCU events.

Incharge of catering materials

Manage money of worship committee through the treasurer.


We have served God with joy.

We have managed to prepare meals for the executive committee and whenever called upon.

There has been an increase in the number of caterers because people have joined.

We have managed to introduced CBR among us and, so far so good.

We have managed to have our fellowships every Thursdays and the attendance has been good. Not forgetting a prayer retreat that we also had. All these have brought a noticeable change among us in terms of our spiritual lives.

We have managed to look for some of the lost members.

There has been a purchase if utensils with the help of the associates and the caterers themselves.


It has been a challenge to fully follow all the programs of worship family such as Saturday prayers because of unavoidable circumstances.

It has been a challenge for us as parents to balance between ministry and E- team leadership.

Loss and damage of some kitchen utensils and equipment.

There has also been the issue of people using the kitchen and leaving it untidy.

There has also been the issue of disrespect where different people harras and disregard the caterers.

We have had issues concerning the key to the kitchen which has not been provided as per the time we have requested.

There has also been the issue of money to purchase the foodstuffs. As it is right now there has been a shoot up of prices leading to an increase in the budgetwe make and the budget has increased because the number of people who partake of the food has increased.


The leadership to come up with policies that will help to ensure the kitchen is well kept and the utensils well preserved and in agood condition.

The key to the kitchen should be provided in time.


We thank God for the grace and strength to serve Him.

We thank God for the caterers for their commitment and dedication towards this ministry.

We thank God for all the people that have been a source of encouragement to us as a family.


Our hearts are full of gratitude and pray for more grace to continue serving.




First and foremost I'd like to pass my heartfelt gratitude to the almighty for the grace he bestowed on us for the past spiritual year to serve him in the Choir ministry and in the worship family entirely.

He's been so faithful to me in the season,in times of weakness he reminded me to cast my eyes on him for his help and even in times of strength he still reminded me to still hold on him.

Great thanks to the Worship family led by the worship committee and the members at large for the support and encouragement during the term through your commitments and the faithful service you offered to God. That won't go unpaid.


Austin Ouma

Susan Wacu

Joseph Wendo

Mercy Ndanu

Steve Ayiro

Joshua Mumo

Duncan Kilei

Jemimah Nyambura

Edwin Ndegwa

Jane Wambui

Kelvin Mutinda

Evelyn Juma

Purity Wanza

Ibrahim Solonka

Mishaka Shadrack

Karen Desta

Allan James

Faith Karanja

Fridah Mwakoi

Mercy Wanza

Evans Mutuku

Emmanuel Motongori

Kezziah Nyanga

Paullete Rose

Robert Etoo


As the choir coordinator I've been responsible for the coordination of choir ministrations, fellowships and prayers. I've been in charge of the choir members in the church and ensured smooth running of the ministrations in the church.


  • I've been the principal coordinator of all choir fellowships
  • Been responsible for choir ministrations during church service
  • Ensured that all choir prayers are well conducted
  • Helped in the selection of choir songs to be ministered with in every Sunday service
  • Represented the choir in the Worship committee


Through the help of God we were able to achieve the following

  • We were able to hold successful fellowships on Thursdays
  • Held heat touching ministrations on Sunday
  • Merged up with the entire worship team for two successful worship nights
  • We're able to recruit more members into the family

All for the glory of God


  • Failure to keep time by ministers during fellowships and practices
  • Reluctancy by ministers to turn up for prayers and fellowships
  • Lack of devotion to service by ministers


To my successor and the choir ministry at large for the coming season I comment you to seek the lord while he may be found.

Give the whole of yourselves to the service of God and he'll carry you through the season.


Thus far the lord has been faithful and all we can say is that he's Ebenezer.

We thank him that he has carried the task he started in us for the season to accomplishment.


Report compiled by;

Austin Ouma$Susan Wacu

Choir leaders.



He must increase but I must decrease.


Samson Sunte

Deborah Khaemba

Joseph Wendo

Ibrahim Solonka

Everline Juma

Purity Wanza

Moses Mwendwa

Joshua Mumo

Duncan Kilei

Allan James

Trizah Wainaina

Isaiah Makori

Daniel Wabuti

Mishaka Shadrack

Emmanuel Motongori

Daniel Onyango

Carlton Praise

Robert Etoo

Josephine Shikoli

Asha Rotich

Marion Wambua

Karen Desta

Esther Ndu'nge

Paullete Rose

Faith Gakii

Alice Mwaniki

Wendy Achieng

Yvonne Akinyi

Diana Wanjiku

Silvia Kilong

Emaculate Robi

Susan Wacu

Kezziah Nyanga

Veronica Kiumi

Eunice Akoth

Geofrey Were

Evans Mutuku

Isaack Gitonga

Kelvin Mutinda

Nickson Muchangi

Glen Ochieng

Felix Juma

Yvonne Bosibori

Destiny Odhiambo


John Munga

Joshua Mwanza

Esther Jepkoech

Edwin Ndegwa

Diana Mwadime

Emily Joseph

Dorcas Joshua

Mercy Ndanu


Foremost Is to give the Almighty all the Glory for his grace and favor that he bestowed upon us to serve him in the past season in the p&w docket.

It's been all about him and we can take nothing unto our own credit but just glory him.


I'd first like to thank God for entrusting us with his flock and Even equipping us for the great task

Special thanks to the worship committee for their support all the time

Sincere gratitude to the p&w members for their cooperation and willingness to serve God during the season


  • Long practices
  • Poor sound system for clear vocal projection
  • Poor dress code at times
  • Lack of devotional serving, ministers not keeping time and reluctancy
  • Some members living very far from university premises making commitment a challenge
  • Sometimes members joking with ministry


  • More platforms for prayer and the world since they are the pillars of the church
  • Vocal trainings by trained vocalists to boost the ministers' skills
  • Encouraging members to improve their dress code
  • To the leaders serve the will of God and not of any man
  • Don't lean on the skills and forget about the inner man.


It's by his grace that we've come to the end of our term.His grace has been sufficient and thus far all we can say is that he's God.

To the incoming team the sufficient grace of God that has enabled us to come this far will also carry you for the next season.

May his favor be upon you all through your season


Report compiled by;

Samson Sunte& Deborah Khaemba

P&w Ministry leaders

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