Outreach Family

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom

About Us Outreach Family

Outreach Family is one of the dockets in Moi University Christian Union which comprises of Evangelism Ministry,Drama Ministry, Children Ministry and Joint Evangelistic Teams (JET). The objective of the family is to reach out to brethren within and outside the campus with the message of Jesus Christ.

The activities of the family includes carrying out door to door, organising and conducting crusades. organising and conducting missions, visiting and empowering high schools and primary school kids (for the Children Ministry) with the word of God.The family is composed of the following ministries:-

  • Evangelism Ministry:- Is a ministry that deals with reaching out to people through crusades and door to door. It is headed by Evangelism Coordinator
  • Children Ministry:- Is a ministry that empowers children with the word of God through church visitation on sundays and pupils at primary schools every Fridays.
  • Drama Ministry:- Is a ministry that is used to empower the church with the word of God through acting,reciting poems,spoken words and scripture memory verse.
  • Tri-annual:- Is a mission that takes place after every three years where the church reach out to various parts of the nation and spread the word of God.
  • Joint Evangelistic Team (JET):- Is a ministry of all evangelistic teams under the umbrella of MUCU. It coordinates and organises all the activities of the E-Teams