Worship Family

[THEME] John 15:4AB

Remain in me and i will remain in you. no branch can bear fruits by itself; it must remain in the vine

About Us

The Heartbeat of MUCU-MC: Welcoming You In, Uplifting Your Spirit

Imagine a warm, vibrant hub at the heart of Moi University Christian Union Main Campus (MUCU-MC). A place where fellowship thrives, worship resonates, and Sunday services come alive – that's the Worship & Events Family! Comprised of dedicated ministries, they ensure every MUCU-MC encounter is one of faith, connection, and joy.

  • Catering Ministry: They nourish bodies and spirits, crafting delectable meals for ministers and attendees at keshas, retreats, and beyond. Their culinary creations fuel fellowship and celebrate special occasions.
  • Choir Ministry: Their voices rise in melodious praise, lifting hearts and weaving harmonies that deepen the worship experience. Guided by the sermon and fueled by their passion, they offer a powerful vocal tapestry.
  • Praise & Worship Ministry: They ignite the spark of devotion, filling the air with vibrant songs of adoration. Their soulful music creates a space for personal connection with the divine, inspiring and uplifting all who gather.
  • Ushering Ministry: They are the friendly faces of welcome, ensuring a seamless flow at services. From collecting offerings to preparing the venue and receiving baptisms, they serve with care and dedication.
  • Technician Ministry: The masters of sound, they ensure every word and note reaches your ears flawlessly. Their technical expertise creates a clear and immersive atmosphere for worship and gatherings.
  • Instrumentalist Ministry: Their melodies dance with the choir, adding depth and texture to the music. Skilled hands on drums, guitars, and more, they lend their talents to enrich the worship experience.

Together, they orchestrate a symphony of faith and fellowship, welcoming you into the MUCU-MC community, nourishing your soul, and uplifting your spirit. Whether you're seeking a moment of quiet reflection or a joyous celebration of faith, the Worship & Events Family is there to guide you, connect you, and inspire you.