varsity mission 2024; Draw near to God 

Varsity Mission is a Christian Outreach program conducted around Moi University and its surrounding environments. It is organized by Moi university Christian union in collaboration with other Christian organizations and churches. It aims to reach out to students, neighbouring communities and staff with the gospel of Jesus Christ.It began as an 'in reach mission,' held every three years. It began in1986, Then, in 1990, 1994, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and most recently in 2019. As this incredible journey continues and we’re glad to inform everyone that the next one is happening next year (2024).


  • Evangelize to all religions within and around Moi University through door to door and office to office evangelism.
  • Hold campaigns on various issues e.g. Anti-drugs campaigns, chastity campaign etc.
  • Hold debates on faith in God to draw many back to Him
  • Engage in corporate social responsibilities
  • Visit prisons and children's homes for societal improvement
  • Present the knowledge of truth to every soul in and around Moi University
  • Turn people away from wickedness through the power of the gospel
  • Challenge people to acknowledge scripture's authenticity amidst false doctrines


There are two categories of activities: Pre-activities- before the mission week and Main activities during the Varsity Mission week

Pre-activities- before the mission week

  • Corporate social responsibility. tree planting, cleaning the environment, prison visits, children home visits and a medical camp.

Main activities during the Varsity Mission week

  • Door to door evangelism. In churches, to the students, to the staff, and to the surrounding environs.
  • Interreligious debates.
  • Open air crusades. Around the different social places neighboring Moi university.
  • Office to office reach out. morning devotion with the staff, students reach outs to staff.
  • Christian concert. To climax the event.


  1. Surrounding churches
  2. Students Associations
  3. Nature Conservancy
  4. Trinity Fellowship
  5. Focus Kenya


  1. Chairperson- James Mukundi           -0790354641
  2. Vice-chairperson -Ibrahim Mathia   -0704284075
  3. Secretary -Gladwell Muthoni- 0715224612
  4. Vice secretary -Blessing -0746876243
  5. Treasurer -Daniel Mwendwa -0770257969
  6. Prayer coordinator -Mirriam Munyao-0702962424
  7. Media Representative -Margaret Mwende-0711832326
  8. 1st years Representative-Habel Chugu -0798250930
  9. Bereans Representative -Ezbon Manyeki -0702614057
  10. Soldiers of Christ Representative- Margaret Njeri- 0799116882
  11. Partners Representative -Martha Boke - 0752862207
  12. Members: Dennis Oloo -0746766804
  13. Outreach chairperson- Kelvin Kosgei -0703562806


You can support the varsity mission by purchasing a Varsity mission T-shirt. please reach out to Martha Boke on 0752862207. God bless you.